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Fish Pah

The title for this post, “Fish Pah,” is ASL for “finally finished.” Yes, the book is done. I’ve edited until I can edit no more. Now it’s time to put it out into the universe.

The current question is: traditional or self publishing? Call me vain, but I’ve decided to try the traditional route first. My biggest issue with that choice has to do with writing a query letter.

Tensile Strength is a complex story, taking my main character (now renamed Blu Jay Byrd) through many life stages. The first part gives a backstory about growing up as a hearing child in a dysfunctional deaf family. Then, in sequence, he becomes a disillusioned Marine before and after 9/11, marries a Colombian woman to be able to live off-base, has a son, divorces, and sees his son disappear when his wife forges the divorce papers and takes him out of the country.

The second half of the book follows Blu Jay’s journey back from the depths of loss.

The conflict is always the same — a quest for normalcy and acceptance. The problem is cramming the larger picture into a single, well-written page.

Enter Writer’s Relief, a service that will, hopefully, help me write that query. After that, they are supposed to help me submit packages to agents for representation. (You can Google them if you’re interested in more information).

So, as Blu Jay’s journey ends in my word-processing program, my journey begins.