Way Down the Line — Ramblings

It’s been a while. Since my last posting, I’ve been writing, editing, rewriting, editing, adding a chapter here, taking out a beloved word/sentence/paragraph/chapter there. Outsiders call this “honing my craft.” I call it hard, painful work.

I’ve become accustomed to waking up at night, my head filled with ideas. To this purpose, I keep a pad next to my bed. Another pad sits at the ready in my purse, now filled with phrasing or little details in the story I need to check. Timelines have become the most common demon in this category.

Yes, I still go to my critique group. I’ve learned to sit and nod when others tell me what I need. At the end of each person’s time slot of criticism or praise, I say, “Thank you.” Sometimes they’re right and sometimes they’re completely off-base. But I’ve learned any speed bump must be reviewed. Then I decide whether to change things or, as the editors say, “stet.”

It’s also been a long journey for my main character, Royal Henry King, who will soon become Blu Jay Byrd. His brother will also go through a name change. He’ll be dubbed Hugh Fraser.

As for the idea of the beta read, it’s exactly that. an idea. I’ve sent the book’s file out to several volunteers. None have ever gotten back to me. Instead, I’ve decided to depend on a few friends in town, begging them to be honest, promising them I won’t get upset if they are brutally honest. We’ll see.

Finally, how much longer? Ah — that’s the mantra. At some point I will have to declare my work “done.” Twelve more chapters for my Saturday critique group to go over and five more for my smaller, Sunday group. Maybe another half year? If I’m brave, perhaps less.

Meanhile, Stay tuned!


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